Ayran is a perfect drink for summer. Refreshing and delicious. Once you try it, it will accompany all your summer dinners. It’s a very simple drink made of water, yogurt and salt. Sounds simple though the devil is in the details 🙂 Ratio for water and yogurt is usually 1:1, although if you want to get even more liqu >


  • 200 ml yogurt
  • 200 ml water
  • 1.5-2 teaspoons salt


You will need a tall jug in which you can mix ayran. I use electric beater so it’s quite easy to mix. You just put all the ingredients into your jug and mix clockwise until well combined. Pouring water from greater height will beat in some air and beating in air is what we want here in order to achieve pretty froth. You can also combine the ingredients with a hand whisk but this will require more effort. First of all you cannot pour in all the water at once. It will be best to add water slowly, spoon by spoon. You also need to beat it quite vigorously. Tilt your jug so that the beater moves at an angle, hence incorporating more air into the mixture. If you don’t get the bubbles, don’t worry it’s just for extra luscious effect.

It is important to incorporate water in small amounts because pouring in all at once will cause your drink to be grainy. You will get small bits of yogurt that did not mix with water. Electric beater can handle that but if you are mixing with a hand whisk you will never smooth it out. Finally, once your drink is ready and beautifully frothy put it aside or to fridge for 30 minutes. The froth will even thicken during that time. Ayran should be served cold but since we drink it very often I don’t bother that much to store it in fridge or prepare 30 minutes early. You can just drink directly after mixing, it’s so yummy who would have the patience to wait! Optionally you can add a few ice-cubes.

And I cannot just not mention my all time favourite ayran brand: Sutas Ayran!