Broccoli chicken casserole recipe

Broccoli chicken casserole recipe

Published by NancyRadler on Feb third, 2009 at 12:24am

A simple simple dinner, in one pan.


2 C. rice, cooked
2 heads broccoli, made
1 sm. can skin cream of mushroom broth
1/2 can of milk, employing broth can
1 small block Velveeta cheeses, shredded or chunked
2 lg. fowl busts, boiled
1 can of mushrooms
sea salt and pepper to taste


Place rice in 913-inches pan. Spot broccoli on the top. Heating skin cream of mushroom soups and milk collectively within a saucepan till warmed up through. Add fresh mushrooms to mix. Stir the broth blend into rice and broccoli thoroughly so that all of the rice is moist. Shred the chicken breast and blend in to the broccoli blend. Blend one half the cheese in after which garnish the very best with leftover cheese. Prepare uncovered at 425 levels for 25 minutes or so.