Victoria Sandwich

Victoria Sandwich

I’m certainly not a lot of a baker but occassionally I have to prepare something sweet. Not that I don’t like sweets, on the contrary. Though I prefer indulging in the eating process rather than making. This one took me a while to make and it was a trial and error path. One good tip: if the recipe calls for free-range eggs, use free-range eggs. Other than that you have to follow the standard guidelines for making such cake, i.e. don’t over mix it and don’t open that oven until the cake is done. Also make sure you take all the necessary ingredients out from the fridge beforehand and let them reach room temperature. Once the cake is done it needs to cool gradually. This is a recipe from Mary Berry. Though I totally decided to treat myself by adding mascarpone cream into my sandwich. If you like exaggeratingly sweet version go for it, if not – just the jam filling will do great.


  • 225 gr caster sugar
  • 225 gr self-raising flour
  • 225 gr soft unsalted butter
  • 2 spoons baking powder
  • 4 free range eggs

For the strawberry layer:

  • 100 gr fresh strawberries
  • 3 spoons strawberry jam
  • juice from half lemon

For the mascarpone cream:

  • 200 gr mascarpone
  • 200 gr whipping cream
  • 2 spoons caster sugar
  • a few drops of vanilla extract


Prepare two baking forms each 20cm in size and pre-heat your oven to 180C. Combine butter with caster sugar and add eggs. Mix just to incorporate the eggs and then add sifted flour with baking powder. Again mix just to combine everything and transfer into your baking forms. Try to divide it equally between the two forms. Bake for 25 minutes and let cool afterwards.

For the cream: whip the mascarpone with vanilla extract and sugar. Combine with whipped cream and spread on the bottom layer of your cake. Then wash strawberries and cut bigger ones in quarter while smaller in half. Combine with the remaining ingredients for strawberry layer and spread on top of mascarpone cream. Cover with the second layer of your cake and decorate with caster sugar. It is extreemely sweet with mascarpone cream so you can just do the strawberry layer and it will be still delicious.

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